COMMODORE a company on the edge

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Really enjoying 'COMMODORE a company on the edge'. I have read and have enjoyed lots of books about Commodore over the years but I have not found one as thorough as this volume. It starts out with the early Commodore calculator business and gets right into how computers became part of what Commodore ultimately became. It is the most detailed account I have ever read. I was 19 years old at the time (in 1981) when I got my second computer (VIC-20 after the silly and soon returned Sinclair ZX81). I recall driving around and visiting computer stores in Omaha, Nebraska and many of them only had the PET computers from the last part of the 1970s. I am still thankful that the adults in most of those stores explained to me the differences between my new wiz-bang Vic color computer and the larger, 40 and 80 column PET CBMs; even popping the 'hood' and showing me the insides! So this books puts all that time period in perspective for me in a way a Commodore VIC and/or a C64 or a Commodore consumer computer only history book never could.
Now I know why ComputerLand never had Commodores and why the Apple II flew ahead and how Apple tried to rewrite early microcomputer history to name a few things. If you love Commodore you owe it to yourself to buy or check out a copy of this book. It is in its second edition. And there is a follow up book about the Amiga years. Over 500 pages. It is a real page tuner for me! =]



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