What ever happened to CDs, DVDs & Blu Ray?

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What ever happened to CDs, DVDs & Blu Ray?

The short answer might be NETFLIX! Okay, or other steaming media services (Hulu, Amazon) you currently are using instead of buying music or movies. We all watch a lot of movies and TV shows online, either at our computer, phone, tablet, iPad, etc. or with our new TV that streams directly or game console hooked to our TV that let us view movies and television shows. Hey, it is 2017 as I write this and we still watch more TV and movies on our television via NetFlix via our original Nintendo Wii than any other way! Ask me how many games I still play on the Wii compared to hours watching Netflix on it!

I heard on the news that this week the company that produces that last VCRs stopped making them! Last year alone they sold over 700,000 new units. It is  hard to believe anyone is still watching VHS tapes or recording shows onto tape isn't it?

What about CDs? Can we still get new music on those? I mean, if we can get new music on Long Playing Records (Vinyl LPs) why not music CDs? Well we can, and one day it will probably be a retro thing like records are today.  In July of 2015 Billboard reported that in the first half of the year, CD sales were down from the last half of 2014, but still totaled some 56 odd million units. This is in spite  of streaming. Maybe there is something about collecting music that digital downloads will never touch in us?

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While it seems that new movies on VHS have gone the way of movies on LaserDiscs does this mean that Blu Rays, which beat out HD-DVDs have killed DVDs as well? Can't I still go to Redbox and Family Video and rent DVDs? Sure! Reportedly sales of new DVD players began declining in 2006 which should be of no shock as our Wiis, Playstations, etc. can play these (and many play Blu Ray as well). According to Fortune magazine in 2106 Blu Ray, which has been out for ten years, was also slipping in face of streaming. And, reported declining in the U.S., was physical media sales with sales of DVDs and Blu Ray discs falling to 12% in 2015 after doing an 11% drop in 2014. While digital revenues rose 18% in 2015.

So maybe nothing actually happened to these various DISC formats and you probably still have many around your own home. But ask yourself this: When was the last time you actually PURCHASED a new CD, or DVD? Maybe out of the bargain bin of your favorite dollar store probably! =]

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