Welcome to a new KILLER year! 2017

January 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to a new year, with new challenges and everything else that everyone always says that is exciting about a new year.
The Blog Post Title suggests making it a KILLER New Year in the face of so many comments on the social networks how 2016 KILLED OFF so many of our favorite Hollywood stars and such. I thought that was interesting that a year could be thought of as a serial killer, with a mind of its own that I posted the following on my own Facebook page.

What I thought was a joke about how '2016 Sucked' because it was 'killing off so many people' turned out to be actually a serious superstition held by many. This was apparent after some posted to the contrary that years do never a murderer make as well as some in person discussions I had on the same notion. People die actually due to life style choices, heredity, accidents and such than by a stalker, killer calendar year.

Okay, point made - maybe people really WERE joking and I just did not get it! That said I wish to welcome you to my new blog - 'ur·ban tech·ie'. As many of you know I love both technology as well as teaching so in this blog many of both will be covered. I hope to offer photography tips about shooting, using photography software, all sorts of computer tips and tricks, dealing with social networking, what it is like to live in a downtown urban area (we are moving soon to downtown Indy!) as well as fun commentary on retro computing and gaming to name some topics.

So WELCOME TO YOUR NEW YEAR! Make it a killer one!


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