Photoshop Tool Tip #1 : The Color Replacement Tool - Use it for fast color changes!

January 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Want to make your child's little green wagon a little RED wagon? Want to try out new hair colors? Want to see what a new paint job would look like in your home? Tired of your car's color and want to see what it would look like as candy apple red? Then Photoshop's Color Replacement Tool is for you!

It is super easy to use! Just open up a picture and click on the Brush Tool's little upside down triangle to show the secret, hidden Color Replacement Tool as shown above.

Next you want to pick the option 'Discontiguous' in the Limits section at the top of Photoshop once the tool is selected. I have drawn a green box around it as shown below.


Great, now just start painting (if your brush is too big or too small you can slide the size slider at the top or click on the bracket keys [  ] to make bigger or smaller on your keyboard. If your paint bleeds outside your intended area just UNDO (Cmd/Crtl+Z) and try again, changing the size of the brush or zooming into or out of your image (Cmd/Ctrl +/-) as needed.


Before long you will have your very own official John Deere colored tractor! Just don't forget to Photoshop in an official logo on the side! ;-)


Have fun! Just remember with great power comes great responsibility! Okay, go ahead and change your eye or lip stick color virtually! I won't tell! =]



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